The Secondary Unit comprises the Classes from VI to X.


The course of learning in the Classes from VI to VIII is treated as Dedication or Utsarjan (উৎসর্জন). The learners are encouraged in searching for multifarious sources of knowledge and motivated to devote themselves to study and keen practice. Our teachers support their curiosity and quest for learning. Our learners get ample scope of going through manifold science activities. They enjoy and inculcate themselves in such activities. By approaching the early teenage the young learners incline to various physical exertion, games and sports to which our teachers take care and provide appropriate support.


From Class IX onwards, the learners with sincere effort begin the act of setting up the superstructure of their knowledge, skill and mental strength with perfection and rigorous practice. That is why we call this course of learning Edification or Nirman (নির্মাণ). At this stage our teachers extend their best support in the pursuit of the learners.