Curriculum & Co-Curriculars


This school emphasizes on development of the basic skills of the learners and to create some positive inquisitiveness to them so that they become well persevering in advent of their higher course of learning.
The course components in the Primary Grade comprises of 1) Bengali, the first language, 2) English, the second language, 3) Mathematics, 4) Nature Study, 5) Social Science, 6) Physical Exercise, Yoga and games & 7) Art Education.
Social Science is taught and learned in a unique method through which the learners strive to attain some perfect knowledge about the geographical locations of all the places of the world, historical events in their chronological occurrence and the scientific phenomena of the nature.
Students take part in different activities of Culture, Literature, Sports, Quiz etc. on various occasions. In observance of memorable days, the learners organize cultural programs, publish wall magazines and display their art and collection of news clippings.
The students Brigades, the self-management groups, build a sense of responsibility and inherent discipline among the learners. Song, Recitation and Dance are the subjects taught in the Primary course of learning.