School’s cultural program has many functions, important to the development of students. Through these programs, students can have an outlet to explore their creativity, develop leadership and interpersonal skills, establish a positive school culture and create opportunities for inspired collaboration and self-expression.
School's cultural activities provide students with a platform to explore their own interests. This could come in the form of enrichment classes, extra-curricular activities or clubs. Students develop their skills in music, art, and drama. They indulge in their passion for technology, science and mathematics. By giving them a space to foster their talents, their enthusiasm for knowledge and the pursuit of excellence can be nurtured. Not only do cultural programs provide an outlet for creative expression and personal development, but they can also link into the school curriculum. Through the program, students may be able to learn more and have an opportunity to explore a particular subject in more detail.


The cultural program of the school also plays an integral role in developing a positive school culture and sense of belonging. Through the programming, students can make friends and explore issues of social inclusion and diversity. Events such as exhibitions and school performances can build towards a community of curiosity and perspective, as well as create an atmosphere of creative inspiration.